This character belongs to Icy

Breed Info
Breed Unknown
Sub-Breed Unknown
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Mate Theo
Hatchling(s) Spitfire (Son), Seafire (Daughter)
Roleplayer Icy
Abigail is a pretty, emerald green dragon with blue spots.  She has bright gold eyes and a fin-like tail.


Abigail is the mother of Spitfire and Seafire.  She protected her children from their father as best as she could, but died mysteriously after Seafire was born.  It is very likely that her own mate, Theo, killed her.  Though., her exact cause of death still remains a mystery.


Abigail is very sweet and caring.  She is a fierce fighter if angered, though, but she is no match for Theo.  Not much is known about her since her life was cut so short.But they won't

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