Current Alliance Rogues
Past Alliance(s) None
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Littermates Unknown
Mate None
Kit(s) None
Roleplayer Dawn

(Alex for short) Alexandra is a beautiful orangish golden she-cat with weird spirals on her back. She has a large fluffy tail and wide green eyes. She is a long haired spanish cat. She has a heavy hispanic accent. 


Alex's parents are unknown, she really has no memory of them. She was abandoned when she was only a week old. Alex belives that her sister took care of her for a short period of time, before she died from green-cough. Alex had to fend for herself, and learn english on her own. But soon Alex found out she had a brother and he tried to kill her, but she killed him in his sleep. It has been said that Alex scared her parents off but I', still not sure why. Alex soon grew up fighting for survival and decided not to trust anybody.  Her desion proved as much when a tom tried to get close to her, she just pushed him away. 

Now she lurks around the two-leg place, still fight for her life.

She met a cat named Cletus and instantly fell in love. She first chatted with him, and got to know him until she told him about her healing power and she healed his painful blindness. He called her beautiful, which was when she admitted her love for him, which she thought scarred him off. 

Alex doesn't see Cletus for a while after that, but when she is sitting on a road, Cletus comes out and they talk. Later on Alex is digging through a trash can when Cletus comes and tells her that he will 'try it.' Alex knows that he is uncertian of himself and asked him what he wants, which he does not know. Alex replies with 'Neither do I.' and she walks away.


Coming soon!


  • She is hispanic like me!
  • She was abandoned
  • She can speak english and spanish.



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