Current Alliance Rogues
Past Alliance(s) The Place of Starry Skies
Mother Cassia
Father Julius
Littermates Livia
Mate Lucia (deceased)
Kit(s) Marina
Roleplayer Dawn

Aulus is a calico tom with a stub of a tail. His color's contain of orange, brown, white, and gray. 


Aulus was born to Cassia and Julius, a happy couple. He grew up with his sister Livia, even know she was extremly sickly. He played with her when he could but never really got much out of her, even when she was in good heath. He got lonely from time to time and left his mother at an early age.

Aulus was killed by an adder while he was traveling around clan territory. He lived in The Place of Starry Skies from there on. He is allowed to travel back and forth from The Place of Starry Skies. He met  beautiful she-cat that he fell in love with.

Her name was Lucia and they had one kit together. It was a she-kit, Marina. They had picked out the name together, using a name both they're great grandmothers carried.

Everything was fine until Lucia caught whitecough and had to be confined in a small run down twoleg nest. Aulus thought she was getting stronger until one day he went to go see her, he found her dead body instead. It broke his heart but he still has a peice of her, Marina. She was all he had left. 

Aulus is not interested in a mate even though she-cats fall for him. He is described handsome, even though he is without a tail.


Aulus is smart, funny, talkative, sweet, rude at times, when ever someone talks about Lucia he gets angry, he is also very bipolar.


  • He is bipolar
  • He can be ruder then most
  • He has no tail
  • His sister was very sickly
  • He trys to avoid any relationships
  • His mate Lucia died from whitecough
  • Possibly from either Latin avulus "little grandfather" or aula "palace", though it could be from an unknown Etruscan origin. This was a Roman praenomen, or given name.


None yet!

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