Smallstar awoke in a cloudy mess. "What happened?" he mewed gently, his mind spinning inside his head. But, as he looked around, he was not in TreeClan camp. No, there were no frolicking kits, gossiping queens, training apprentices. No, here the trees seemed to whisper to one another as he made his way over to a sweet-smelling grey she. He got there, and sat next to her. As he brothe in her rose-like scent, he entwined his tail with hers. "Sageleaf.." He murmured, licking her cheek. The she says nothing, but she doesn't pull away. She's it's staring across the hill. Smallstar follows her eyes for the first time and stares in awe. It is streaked with blood, and there are cats fighting. "Stop!" He cried, running forward. He can see them yowling, but he hears nothing. They cannot hear him. "Stop!" One ginger tom looks at him, but then leaps through Smallstar, his mouth forming a hissing shape. Suddenly, his ears fill with sounds. Howls

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