Chapter 1: BlueEdit

The first thing I felt as I came out of my mother was a few rough licks on my wet head. I squealed, whining that it hurt, but she didn't stop. I could faintly hear her soft purrs of reassurance. "Its ok, its ok," I could remember her grabbing my scruff and placing me by her warm, and large stomach. I felt another small body snuggle up against me as I fought it for a nipple. Once I found my milk source I let all my fears wash away as I entered a state of a content life. The warm and sweet milk somehow placed me in sleep mode. I let it take me away as I fell asleep. 

I stretched open my eyes the next day, seeing a furry, gray belly. I looked up, my vision still blurry, spotting my mother smiling down at me, her eyes beaming with pride. "Your the first one, my dear Clover." Clover? Was that I smiled, showing my soft and pink gums. I climbed up on my mothers backa nd squeaked out. "M-Momma? W-whats your n-name?" "Jewel." She replied oh so softly. I rubbed my paws through her fur and squeaked with excitment as my vision finally cleared. "Your so beautiful!" I squealed to Jewel. "Why thank you dear." She purred and flicked her tail over to a broken peice of glass. 

I walked over and sniffed it, then examined it. "Look in it." Jewel meowed and then tended to my sister. I looked into the glass and saw myself, my glossy silver fur. "Wow.." I purred and did poses in front of the mirrior. My mother giggled towards me and smiled. I puffed out my fluffy chest and smiled. I have blue eyes! Like momma! "Clover, thats enough exploring for one day, come back here sweetie." I could here my mother call out. I ran back over to her and plopped down at her belly. She was right, I was a bit tired from my little exploring. I took my pick of a milk source and fell asleep, dreaming of my mothers beautiful eyes, and how they matched mine exactly.


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