Breaking Faith  

Made by Dawn

Season 1:Edit

Crimson, Jay, Lydia and Max are four rogues, watched closely by StarClan. They don't know it yet, but they each have a special power that is linked to one another. The prophecy is: There is a chain, to save the clans, a brand of fire, a fearless bird, a self-centered she-cat, and a unknown rogue to most. One of the Medicine cats from ThunderClan decides to do something about this matter. Fireysky travels to the twoleg place. But knows nothing of these rogues. Will StarClan guide her? Or will she fail to complete to prophecy? 

Episode 1: Crimson BlazeEdit

This is the first episode of Breaking Faith. It introduces Crimson and his life. Trouble stirrs with a nearby dog pack and Crimson is seen fighting off the dogs. Lydia spots him and jumps in to help, unknowing that the two of them together could find the other two cats for the prophecy.

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