Leader- Lightstar (Yellowish cream she-cat with amber eyes)

Deputy- Snakefang (Brownish gray tom with yellow eyes)

Medicine cat- Silverheart (Silver she-cat with blue eyes)


Rosefoot (cream tabby she-cat with orange eyes)

Dimlight (yellow tom with blue eyes)

Ivyshard (tortise-shell she-cat with brown eyes)

Mouseear (small white tom with grey eyes)

Bearclaw (shaggy brown tom with gray eyes)

Foxleap (orange and white tom with brown eyes)


Icepaw (white she-cat with icy blue eyes)

Clawpaw (brown tom with amber eyes)

Primpaw (creamish brown she-cat with green eyes)


Feathertail (ginger tabby she-cat with amber eyes)

Rockfoot (gray she-cat with brown eyes)


Toadkit (dark brown tom)

Fallowkit (gray she-cat)


Ivysnap (gray she-cat with blind brown eyes)

Other cats-Edit

Jake (gray and white tom with blue eyes)

Orchid (Small black she-kit with purple eyes


Chapter oneEdit

Feathertail went into labor quick. Her breath rugged and quick. Her kits were coming and they were coming fast. She nudged her nearest neighbor Rockfoot and whispered "I'm going into labor." Rockfoot stared at Feathertails worried and scared eyes and said calmly "its alright, I'll go get Silverheart ok?" Feathertail nodded as Rockfoot got up and walked off. Feathertail soon saw her mate Dimlight running in from a patrol. "Did they come yet?" He said gasping for breaths. Feathertail only shook her head as Silverheart came in the nursery with a bundle of herbs.

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