"Mum... Ainia is dead?" The small golden tabby tom blinked at the small body of a gray shekit. A brown tabby crouched over the body, the falling snow catching in her soft fur. A black and white tuxedo kit huddled next to the golden tabby, his pale green eyes filled with sadness.

"Yes, Perseus." The brown tabby she-cat lifted her head. "Argus, my dear. Go get warmed up. You're looking cold." The black tuxedo kit nodded and wandered into an empty trashcan. Perseus crawled over to his greiving mother. "Mum, can I go with Argus? I'm cold." he meowed. "No, darling. I nee your help to bury Ainia." Perseus flattened his ears. "But mum, why can't Argus help?" She shook her head. "Argus is too ill."

Perseus watched as his mother picked up Ainia's body in her mouth. He started to dig, the earth spraying up behind him. Once he had dug deep enough, she lay Ainia in the hole and carefully nudged Perseus away as she sprayed the dirt back over the hole.

"Mum?" Perseus asked his mother. She was staring at the ground in front of her. Perseus shut up, not bothering to keep asking. He crawled into the trash can where Argus was sleeping. He curled next to his brother, his nose buried in his black and white fur. Their mother closely followed, turning her back on her kits as she put her paws over her eyes. Perseus blinked and went closer to Argus.

Chapter 1Edit

Perseus cried in pain as he fell from a broken truck. "Perseus! Get down from there!" The brown tabby mother hissed. Argus watched Perseus from the ground, wincing as he fell on the cold earth. "You took a -hack- pretty hard fall." The black and white kit meowed, twitching his whiskers. Perseus frowned. "At least I had the courage to jump off." He replied boldly. "You mean fall off." Argus mewed.

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