Ceruleus is a handsome, light brown tabby tomcat with clear, blue eyes.


(Ceruleus does not appear in any RP, but he will make an appearance in The Serpent's Curse, and several future fanfics if I have enough time.) Ceruleus was born and raised a rogue.  His family was starving when he was a kit, so he traveled to the area of twoleg place where the kittypets lived.  There he met Paris who gave him food for Ceruleus and his family.  

After this, Ceruleus does not appear again until Paris becomes a rogue.  Though, shortly after, they grow apart and is not seen until much later when the rogue cats have almost reached adulthood.

More coming soon! 


Coming Soon!


  • Just like Levi, Ceruleus had a human form before he was turned into a cat OC.
  • Ceruleus is based off of a true story that I heard a few years ago.
    • A boy who grew up and lived in a small town came out to everyone in the middle of class.  He was severely bullied at school and was kicked out of his own house by his parents.  Later on, he met another guy, and they fell in love.  For once in his live, even after all that, he was happy.  One day, he was walking to his boyfriend's house when he was attacked by several of his old friends from his school.  They took him out into the woods, raped him, then shot him in the head.  His body was found several weeks later, though his murderers were never punished for their crimes.

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