Charlie is a golden tom with green eyes.


Charlie is friendly but like everyone he haves his flaws.He is a poor hunter and he can be lazy at lots of times


Charlie was born a rouge and one day he wanted to see the rest of the city so off he went.Then he saw a she-cat getting attacked by her parents and he helped her fight them off.Then they saw another she-cat getting attacked by her dad and after a long fight the she-cat said her name was violet and they said there names as well and then they saw violets mother get killed by her dad and then veruca,charlie and violet attacked her dad and pushed him off a cliff.Then after a long walk they met up with another tom who helped with the fights and he joined the group.(this tom was mike).Charlie now lives with his little group in the big city he grew up in


  • Even though they are different charlie and veruca are shown to have feelings for each other
  • He is shown to hang out with veruca and mike more then violet

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