Current Alliance Kittypets
Past Alliance(s) Rogues
Mother Dapple
Father Ocean
Littermates Magma
Mate None
Kit(s) None
Roleplayer Dawn

Derek is a firey ginger tom with brilliant green eyes and a white underbelly. He has been described as handsome and cute. (Said by Levi .)


Derek was born to Dapple (A small wiry she-cat, tawny brown fur, kittypet with blue eyes) and Ocean( a bluish gray tom with gray eyes). Derek had no siblings, they died in birth, for he was the only surviver. Derek found his young rogue life harder then most found it. His mother never ate enough, which meant that he wouldn't have very much milk. 

His father left Derek's family when Derek was born, proving no use to the family. Derek became a kittypet once he was found by a twoleg. Yet after that, his mother suddenly disappeared. He was loved by his twoleg and he also soon found out that he was more fond of guys then girls. This troubled him, so he found himself trying to flirt with every she-cat to prove himself wrong but he gave into it once he met Levi.

He instantly fell in love and the two were seen talking on the street about Sabrina . Then they get into chat but Derek says he has to go and tells Levi to meet him that night, which Levi agrees to. They meet that night and get to know each other better then Levi says that he must go and they both agree on meeting the next day. That next day comes and Derek says that he loves Levi and asked him to be his mate. Levi told him that he just met him and that he would like to get to know him better before that ever happened.

They spend more time together and they both say that they love each other. Derek flicks Levi with his wet tail after Derek slept at the pond the night before. Levi get annoyed and asked him 'to not do that again'. Derek apoligizes and sighs, staring of into the distance when Levi leans into his shoulder, seeming to forgive him. Derek smiles and licks Levi on the head. Sabrina saw this and got angry. She pushes Derek into a pond, because she was jealous. Derek gets angry and pushes her in, causes her to get mad. Then Sabrina runs off and Derek trys his best to dry off. 

Levi began to lick his fur, and they are both seen together after that. They seperate that night and don't meet up for days, which worries Derek. He walked back to his house and saw Levi, then ran towards him. They are then seen talking about how they are glad to see each other.


Derek is kind, sweet, generous, and he is also gay. He loves his two-legs, along with his very good friend Levi. 


  • Derek is gay
  • He has been described as handsome.
  • He is in love with Levi



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