This character belongs to Tiger

Dionysus is a skinny brown tom with amber eyes. 

Current Alliance Rogues
Past Alliance(s) None
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Littermates None
Mate None
Kit(s) Son: Triton

Daughters: Asteria, Pheobe

Roleplayer Tiger


Dionysus was born to an unknown she-cat and tom. His father was never around and his mother ignored him due to his drunk personality. As soon as Dionysus could eat prey, his mother left and it is unknown where she is now. Dionysus scavenges whatever food he can find from trash cans, therefore making him rather skinny. He ran into Cleopatra one day and slept with her, not knowing he got her pregnant. Cleopatra then gives birth to his kits:Triton, Asteria, and Pheobe.


Dionysus acts like a drunk man and laughs during almost every sentence.


  • Although he appears to be dumb, he is not. He is completely aware of what is going on around him and is as smart as any other cat.
  • He acts like he's drunk. He doesn't do it on purpose, he was born like that, but he does not have brain damage.
  • Although he is the father of Cleopatra's kits, he is not her mate.

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