Current Alliance Rogues
Past Alliance(s) None
Mother Airmead
Father Duncan
Littermates None
Mate None
Kit(s) None
Roleplayer Dawn

Edme is a short haired sleek black she-cat with bright yellow eyes. 


Edme was born to Airmead (mother) and Duncan (father). She had no siblings but many friends among the rogues. She spent life with her parents, never leaving they're side for too long. One day, Edme sat at her den alone, her parents had gone out hunting hours before. They had never returned, assuming to be dead. Edme began to live life on her own. Her hunting and fighting skills were poor so she barely had chance of survival. But she did.


Edme is normally hostile, and quiet. She doesn't bother others, and doesn't talk to many cats because she knew none of them. Her friends all left, which made her very insecure. She can't really trust others now.

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