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This thing is like, 10 pages long @_@  So it might take me a while to type this up.

For all those who were curious enough to click on this page, this was the rough draft for a cartoon that was planed about a year ago, but of course since we don't have the right software (and not enough time), never happened.  This was the third episode, with the fisrt episode being about Orpheus and the second being about Achilles.  This was the only "script" that I could find (the others were lost a long time ago, and I though this one was as well), so this is the one I'll be publishing on the wiki.

The cartoon was about the human versions of many of the rogue cats (and a few other characters) (and if I ever decide to write the comic and/or animate the cartoon, it will also have Leigh (Lightningshadow), Aaron (Firestorm), and Jake as minor characters).  The cartoon takes place in Springfield, Colorado, a fictional town that's the same as "Twoleg Place" on this wiki.  The city is run by gangs and violence, and the legal system is corrupt and very unhelpful. 

More coming soon!


WARNING: All characters, locations, events, etc. are fictional. If similarities exist between this story and events in the real world, it is entirely coincidental.

(Scene starts with Paris running in the middle of a street)

*Random shouting and gunshots*

(Scene freezes when Paris enters a street with an extreme downward incline and leaps in gain extra speed. The sounds of an explosion an multiple gunshots are heard. Shrapnel is also seen flying out from off the screen behind Paris. NOTE: Freeze frame in mid-air.)

Paris: Oh, hi. Well, I guess this is the end, so I might as well tell you who I am and what’s going on since that’s why you’re watching this anyway. My name is Paris Abraham Petrovsky. I’m 17 years old and I’m a senior at the local high school here in Springfield, Colorado. And, as you can see, I am a wanted criminal. A thief.

More coming soon!

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