"Please, just find a new home, and promise me you'll be good?"
— Crystalfall to Firekit in a river bank

A golden orange (ginger) she-cat. Green eyes but blind. Long scar over right cheek and side. Long tail and pretty blind eyes.


Firekit was born to Crystalfall and Junefly. She was originally in MossClan but something had happened and she was taken into CaveClan. Her siblings died in a fire, another reason why her parents decided to name her Firekit. She never saw her parents again after they brought her to CaveClan. Her foster mother was Featherheart, a young queen. Feathheart fell in love with Firekit the minute she saw her and requested to adopt her. Firekit never let her love for her real mother drift to Featherheart, but still always loved her.

She soon became an apprentice and was re-named Firepaw. She found it exciting that she was an apprentice and did all she could to impress her mentor Fawntail. Only two moons after she bacame an apprentice did Featherheart die of whitecough. That crushed Firepaw, making her weak on the inside. She spended most her days hunting and laying by a river, where her real mother drowned. Fawntail did her best to make Firepaw happy until her warrior ceremony and stood by her apprentice proudly as Firepaw was called up by Dawnstar and re-named Firefly, in honor of her father Junefly.


She is a kind, enjoyable, sweet, fast talking, blind, calm she-cat with a love for water, even after her mother drowned.


  • She is based off a character in this book I read
  • She can controll water even know she doesn't know it yet
  • Her mother drowned.
  • Her father was killed protecting Firekit.



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