Current Alliance Rogue
Past Alliance(s) Kittypet
Mother Foxeyes
Father Owl
Littermates None
Mate None
Kit(s) None
Roleplayer Dawn
Small and frail orange tabby she-kit with bold green eyes. 


Gem was born a single kit to Foxeyes and Owl. Her mother was apart of CaveClan but died while giving birth to Gem. Her father hd to go through the pain to raise her until he to died. Gem had to learn to live life on her own when no one was around. She watched her father died from a seizure, her not knowing anything about herbs troubled her. She found that she was amazing at finding herbs and finding out there uses after her father died. She is now used to living on her own and she is having a ok life.


She is a cheerful, bright-spirted she-kit that doesn't let anything get her down. 


Coming soon!

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