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Hephaestus to COMING SOON! in COMING SOON!

Hephaestus is a bulky, smokey gray tomcat with ginger wisps through his fur, and crippled feet. (He is able to walk, but very poorly.)

Current Alliance The Place of Starry Skies
Past Alliance(s) Rogues
Mother Hera
Father Zeus
Littermates None
Mate Aphrodite, Aglaea
Kit(s) Eros (Adoptive), Eucleia, Euthenia, Eupheme, Philophrosyne
Roleplayer Moss


Hephaestus was born to Zeus and Hera, but was thrown from the Place of Starry Skies by his mother, giving him his crippled feet. In the living world, he took shelter in a blacksmith's shop and learned how to use and make twoleg items. He became a crafted blacksmith and tinker.

He was chosen to become the she-cat Aphrodite's mate, in order to keep other toms from advancing on her. However, Aphrodite wasn't very loyal to Hephaestus and often had other secret mates. (Sometimes Hephaestus knew about them, sometimes he didn't.) He crafted her beautiful jewelry and presents, but sometimes failed to make her happy. When things got really bad between them, he went and saw another she-cat, Aglaea. She had four daughters, named Eucleia, Euthenia, Eupheme, and Philophrosyne, but they passed away due to natural causes, along with Aglaea. Hephaestus saw other she-cats while being with Aphrodite, even though he continued to love her and try to make her happy. Aphrodite had a son named Eros with a tom named Ares, who was given to Hephaestus as a son to raise with Aphrodite.

Sometime later, Hephaestus and Aphrodite passed away. When Hephaestus arrived at the Place of Starry Skies, he saw his mother, Hera, and crafted a bench for her to sit on. When Hera sat down on the bench, she could not move. The other cats pleaded with Hephaestus to let Hera go, and he finally released her, but had nothing to do with her. Hephaestus was given his own den in the Place of Starry Skies, and he continues to craft and serve them.


Hephaestus is a bit grumpy and has a short temper, but he can be a very kind cat. Some other cats are amazed by his skill and beautiful crafts. He can get a bit carried away with things, especially if it involves cats he doesn't like or cats he's had a bad past with.




  • Some rumors say that Hera bore Hephaestus by herself, because she was so angry with Zeus for birthing Athena, Hephaestus's half-sister.
  • He is, obviously, based on Hephaestus from Greek Mythology. He is Moss's second favorite male god, only just behind Apollo.

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