Hera is a skinny framed, white she-cat, she also has dark blue eyes. 


Hera was born to Rhea, and Cronus, two wonderful parents, a perfect match. Her siblings were Hestia and Demeter, two playful kits with wide-ranged spirits. Hera's day consisted of helping her mother clean the den, playing with her siter and brother, and training with her father. She showed great growth in her fighting skills,showing great potential. Her siblings just couldn't compare. 

Hera became her fathers hunting assistant, leaving her siblings to clean with her mother. Hera and her father Cronus were once on a hunt, when the thick stench of fox cut through to Cronus's nose. The fox attacked them, killing Cronus and wounding Hera in the process. In the end Hera killed the savage beast, but with a purpose. She mourned for her father that night, after dragging his body back to they're den. 

Hera then became the main hunter after her fathers death, while she trained her brother Demeter for help. Hestia stayed home with Rhea, taking care of their mother while the two went out, feeling jealous of them.

Demeter and Hera provided for the family for a long period of time, Hestia, a shadow in the background. Rhea grew sick moons after Cronus's death, and died only a moon after she became sick. The group of grown kits split up. Hestia and Demeter fled together, finding another world, while Hera went off on her own. 

Hera grew a bit older, finding no use for the forest. She left it. Hera came across a city, well stocked with mice and bigger vermin of her choice. She decided to stay, but saw that other cats dwelled there. She still stayed, and begun to make friends, even though they're were very little she liked as friends.

She still dwells in the twoleg place, striving. 


Hera is very strong-willed and couragous, while also being wild and crazy once you get to know her. 

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