You found a nice view here, didn't you?
— Hermes to Rue in Twolegplace
Current Alliance Rogues
Past Alliance(s) None
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Littermates Unknown
Mate Currently Courting Rue
Kit(s) None
Roleplayer Moonwing21

Hermes is a sleek brown tom with brown eyes and wings on his paws and tail that allow him to fly. He is the Messenger Cat for the Rogues.


Hermes is very curious. He loves to know what's happening all the time, but sometimes this can get him in trouble.

He can also be quite sensitive and empathetic when he wants to, to who he wants to, but he only shows this side to one whom he trusts.


Hermes' past before becoming a rogue is unknown.

Hermes is a rogue, living in Twolegplace. He used to have no flying ability whatsoever, but he got an idea one day after watching some newborn birds learning to fly in the forest, and jumped off a tall building. Suprisingly, this worked, and he just barely lifted off before he could touch the ground. (Archive 5)

One day, Hermes was flying above Twolegplace, watching all the cats, and he realized with a pang that he wanted a mate, he wanted to be as happy as all the cats below him. The image of a certain cat passed through his mind, but he denied himself any chance with her. (Archive 7)

But he realized soon, as he showed Rue the view from the top of a building that was across from his building, that she loved him too. He was incredibly befuddled, confusion filling his head, so he replied that he wasn't sure if he loved her back or not, and that he needed time to think. (Archive 15)

After a while, Hermes came to the conclusion that he loved Rue, and rushed back to Twolegplace to tell her his answer, but had difficulty finding her in the huge city. (Archive 3 (KP))

Hermes is still searching for Rue.



  • Hermes is the greek god of thieves, and messenger of the gods, who has wings on his sandals.
  • He talks about his wings as if they aren't controlled by him: they do, in fact, act seperately from him. He sort of "communicates" with them, and they usually work, but sometimes his wings will fail him.

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