Chapter 1Edit

Snow blanketed the meadows of White Leaves Farm. It clung to the willows and pines, falling every time it over loaded.  At that same time, a pregnant she-dog went into labor. Slow and soft whimpers came from the swollen female.Her fur rippling with every weak push. She gasped for air every few seconds, making it seem like she was out of breath. But her mate Brutus was by her side immediatly, his soft growls attempted to relax her, but, did no good.

The she-dog, Shiban, made a quick yelp as a pup appeared between her legs. Brutus clutched its neck and laid it by Shibans front paws. She chewed away the membrane and licked away the blood. Then another came, a brown and black shepherd. The pups could not see nor hear. The world was darkness to them.

Pride flushed through Shiban as she watched her pups squirm over to a teat and fall asleep, dreaming of a world of milk. I think, I think this one is a female. Shiban nosed the black german shepherd, her amber eyes were locked in a trance. "She will be an amazing fighter." Brutus commented on the well built pup. Shiban nodded and rested her head onto the males paws tiredly.

"Birthing is hard." She made a rusty growl and closed her tired eyes. Brutus licked the corner of her mouth and laid his head down beside his. Letting the darkness swallow them whole.

Shiban stood up, escaping her restless duties to her squealing pups. She took a few quick bites of kibble, then grabbed the bone her master had left for her before, and returned to her two little hungry mouths.

She swept her bushy tail down they're backs, a soft growl rised in her throat. 

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