Short Poem by: ICY TheOneAndOnly 18:47, September 2, 2013 (UTC)

I Heard a VoiceEdit

I heard a voice

And you know what it said?

"Run as fast as you can"

"Evil cats are coming"

"And upon you they'll bring the end"

I panicked

I screamed

I ran

My eyes flashed towards the alleys

All were covered in blood



All were gone

Who could have done this?

It can't be one cat alone

I hid from them

Like a small kit once again

Terrified of their numbers

I learned his name

His name was Fang

Leader of the gang

That put my happy life to an end

Years had passed

We all lived in oppression

No one spoke

No one moved

No one breathed

And then I heard a voice

"You are free"

A band of young warriors

Had killed the tyrant

And disbanded the gang

I was so thankful

I finally was free

And I told myself

I will never let it happen again

The End

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