Fanfic (c) by ICY TheOneAndOnly 16:33, October 20, 2013 (UTC)

(Warning: All translations are brought to you by Google Translate, and are not accurate at all :3 )


(Prologue translated from Spanish to English to avoid confusion)

A pretty, silver tabby she-cat stumbled through the dense undergrowth.  She was heavily pregnant, and slowly she inched into labor with every painful pawstep. 

"I can't go any further," she said, breathless, exhausted. 

She looked up at her mate.  There was worry and fear in the expression on his face.  

"We can't stop here, it's too dangerous," he replied.  "Please, Penelope?"

The silver she-cat sighed and nodded. 


They continued walking, the she-cat leaning against her mate for support.  The pain was almost unbearable.  The tomcat realized his mate couldn't reach the place they planned to make their new home.  Soon, the grass turned to cold stone and the sky turned gray.  This world was ugly, unforgiving, and cold, but it would have to make due.

"Aecus, please," said Penelope.  "I can't take it."

Her mate nodded.  "Of course, I'm so sorry."

He made her a small nest of cardboard and old, ragged cloth, all he could find.  He held her paws until it was safe, never letting go.

Chapter 1:Edit

A small kit stood up and stretched.  His grey tabby fur was feather-soft with the lack of age.  He looked up at his mother with pale blue eyes.

"¡Buenos días, mamá!" the kit purred.

The silver she-cat smiled. 

"Buenos días, Peleo."

The kit looked around the alley.  It was small, cold, and grey, yet it already seemed so natural to him.  Today was the first day his eyes had opened and the world, even in this darkness, seemed to fresh and new. 

A dark grey tabby tomcat padded into the alley.  He looked just like the kit, with pale blue eyes and long, thick fur. 

"'Penélope, 'tenemos que dejar," he told his mate, the silver she-cat.

"¿Por qué, Aeacus?" she replied, astonished. 

"'La banda, que nos dijo que darles Peleo o nos 'matará," the tom replied.

Penelope's face turned to rage. 

"Ellos nos hacen adoptar un nombre Inglés, aprender su lenguaje estúpido, tomamos nuestros alimentos, y ahora quiero que mi hijo! ¡Nunca!"

"Por eso tenemos que dejar," Aeacus replied.  "Al otro lado de la ciudad. Tomará mucho tiempo."

The kit watched his parents talk, worried due to the tone of their voices. 

"'Comenzamos hoy," Aeacus told Penelope,  "'Ahora mismo."

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