Iris is a fairly large ginger tabby, she also has a lighter ginger belly and soft fur. She has amber eyes.


Before the Roleplay:Edit

Iris was born to two unknown cats. She is not very informative about her past, yet it bugs her not to know. She lived with another she-cat named Raingaze, a warrior cat in RoseClan. Once Irisgrew olderm she rejected her warrior name Iriswing, which caused suspicion over her. She denied the clan once more by not taking the responabilites of Medicine cat and denied her clan, which caused the leader to exil her. 

Ever since then she has been a rouge, living on her own.

In the Roleplay:Edit

Coming Soon!


Iris is somewhat hostile, after she left the clans of course. She has a very short temper, and she also has very poor fighting skills.


  • She is terrified of heights.

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