Short poem by: ICY TheOneAndOnly 18:31, September 2, 2013 (UTC)

The RogueEdit

We're all filthy

Aren't we?

We can do what is just

Can't we?

You think hate runs in our veins

And all we do is inflict pain

You think we're all born evil

But I know

I am clean

I am fair

I am good

I am a rogue

And I am proud

The Clan CatEdit

I've never eaten a bone in my life

I leave it to the dogs

Just because I have faith

Doesn't make me an ignorant fool

I follow the rules

I do my best

I love my clan

And though you may not think it

But I respect

The life

That you choose

As for my own

A clan cat

I am proud

The KittypetEdit

Just because I live with humans

Doesn't make me complacent

I hunt as well as you do

On any day

Don't think you're any better than me

Because you live alone

And for the record

I'm just a good fighter as you

Because I choose to be

And I practice

A legend is not born

A legend is made

I am a kittypet


I am proud

The WorldEdit

I am a rogue

I am a clan cat

I am a kittypet

We live as we want

We live as we choose

I am not hateful

Hate is not born

I am not arrogant

Arrogance is not born

I am not lazy

Laziness is not born

We are all cats

We are all the same

No matter what our elders think

No matter how much they tell us how "everyone" acts

I know the truth

And I I'll never let that die


The End

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