Kittypets are cats that live with twolegs.  They live in a very wealthy area, the "rich part" of the Twolegplace the Rogues live in.


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  • Levi - pale gold tomcat with one blue and one green eye.  He has a long tuff of fur on his head with a few beads stringed on to a few strands.  He does not wear a collar and was a former rogue.  Roleplayed by: Icy
  • Sabrina - unhealthily skinny black she-cat with three gold stripes and blue eyes.  Former rogue. Her collar is hot pink. Roleplayer: Icy
  • Orca - black and white she-cat with amber eyes.  She has no twoleg, but roams around the richer part of twoleg place.  Roleplayer: Icy
  • Dawn - Gray and silver she-cat with blue eyes. She used to be a part of a group called Falcons, but left so she kept the feather from there tied in her fur. Rped by Dawn. 
  • Buck - Dark gray tom with blue eyes. Former loner who was beat by his father, causing him to be mean and rude to other cats. Visits different twolegs. Roleplayer: Tiger
  • Bea - brown tabby and white she-cat with green eyes and a brown spot around her nose. RPed by PG
  • Ashy - Small gray tabby she-cat. Rped by Moss
  • Night - A Light brown tom with dark brown eyes. Roleplayer: Night
  • Snow - Pure white she-cat with sharp claws and ice-blue eyes. She is not a kittypet, but was once one and still wears a blue collar. RPed by Tater
  • Kiko - Unhealthily fat black and white she-cat with green eyes. Wears a blue collar with a bell. RPed by Tater.
  • Venus - is a tall, thin, dark brown she-cat with amber eyes with a jade-green collar.  Roleplayer: Ice
  • Max - A plump, smooth-furred ginger and white tom. Roleplayer Storm
  • Bino - A black and brown tom with blue eyes. RPer: Edme
  • Derek - A firey ginger tabby tom with green eyes. He is a white chin and chest. Rped by Dawn
  • Nenota black fluffy she-cat, with blue eyes. RPed by Dappleh
  • Morpheus - Silver tom kit with green eyes and a twisted paw. Formerly rogue. RPed by PG
  • Bonnington - An old, tabby cat with green eyes. Roleplayer: Moon
  • Clicker - White tom cat with red eyes, he also has a necklace with a feather on it. RPed by Dawn

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