Knuckers are a sub-breed of Western Dragons.  They are very short, yet their bodies are incredibly long.  Knuckers live in "Knucker Holes", which can be anything from lakes to man-made wells, with their family (generally around 20-50 members, but can sometimes be over 100).


Knuckers are found in many areas in Europe and the cooler regions of North America.  These dragons are amphibious, but they prefer to stay in and around water due.  They are flightless, and their small wings act like fins in the water.  They also are unable to breath fire, but their many rows of teeth are razor sharp.  They are normally not aggressive, but are incredibly shy.  If they sense a human (or anything else they consider a threat) approaches the Knucker Hole, they will flee inside and send out one or two members of the group.  Due to being frightened, the dragon will normally attack and kill the human, giving Knuckers the reputation of being "man-eaters."  A Knucker's true diet consists of fish, birds, and small mammals.

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