Krestalfur is a brown tabby she-cat with a creamy white under-belly. Her eyes are amber gold. 


She was clan-born to Moonshard and Wolfheart. Her siblings were Brokenkit and Leafkit, which Leafkit died right after birth due to lack of milk. Her brother Brokenkit was always so protective of her, and especially if any other tom was around. She made it into apprenticeship and became an amazing fighter, with the help of her mentor Frogfoot. Her fighting skills showed off in battle, which proved her mother and father wrong about her being weak.

She became a warrior, being named Krestalfur, and then she had a secret crush on Stoneclaw, but never told him. Yet in the end she did tell him, she also almost got him killed by her protective brother Brokentalon. Her brother was exiled form the clan, after he hurt her and Stoneclaw, and also set up an attack with MossClan. He had outside friends with Bramblefur, who was going to kill Dawnstar.

Krestalfur and Stoneclaw are seen spending time together after that, then Krestalfur tells Stoneclaw that she loves him, and he replies saying that he knew she did. TBC


Krestalfur always has mixed feelings about everything, due to her brother. She could never really talk to any tom because of him. Yet she is seen to be kind, sweet and nice, she has her own little evil side. She is terrified of spiders, now that her brother is gone, she is terrified of him. 


  • She is in love with Stoneclaw
  • She is an acrophobic.

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