Levi is a pale gold tomcat with one blue and one green eye.  He has a long tuff of fur on his head with a few beads stringed on to a few strands and a bobbed tail.  He does not wear a collar despite being a kittypet.


Levi was orphaned as a kit.  He was small and sickly growing up as a rogue, until he met Paris, who helped him find food and proper shelter.  Levi fell in love with Paris but hid his feelings, thinking that they were wrong.  Once he became stronger and could survive properly on his own he tried to convince himself, and others, that he wasn't gay by going out with as many she-cats as he possibly could, even a she-cat named Sabrina, who was despised by others for her jealous, spoiled, and bitter nature.  He quickly realized that he's made a huge mistake, and breaks up with Sabrina (though Sabrina didn't quite get the message). 

Levi decided to stop being a rogue in favor of becoming a kittypet.  As a kittypet, he met a tom named Derek and fell in love.

More coming soon!


Levi is very friendly and nice and expects it in return from others.  Though, he can get into rages easily and is an excellent fighter.  Once he gets angry it's very hard to calm him down.


  • Levi had a human form before he was turned into a cat OC.
    • His human design was to be used for a comic that I never finished.
    • He wants to be a Navy SEAL.
    • His name was originally going to be Christopher.

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