This page is for Lilia. For her alternate personality, see Lilith.

Current Alliance Rogue
Past Alliance(s) None
Mother Frost (unknown whereabouts)
Father Unknown
Littermates Unnamed kit (deceased)
Mate None
Kit(s) None
Roleplayer Moonwing21

Life Edit

Lilia was born to Frost, who had been abandoned by her mate. Her only brother died at birth, and Frost abandoned Lilia in a dark alleyway, being unable to care for, or love her, due to her resemblance to her father. Lilia never saw Frost again and was forced to live on her own.

But cold nights shivering underneath dumpsters took its toll on Lilia. From Lilia's loneliness and despair was born an alternate personality of herself, this one hostile and evil, Lilith.  Lilith's strength of character overcame Lilia many times, and Lilia had to block herself into her dumpster to prevent herself from hurting others.  But Lilith was far more clever than Lilia had anticipated. Lilith managed to become invisible and immaterial, and slipped right through the dumpster. Lilia had to restrain Lilith as much as she could after that. She lived this way for the longest time, starving, cold, and lonely, struggling against Lilith for her consciousness.

One terrifying day, Twolegs came and started banging on Lilia's dumpster with their large sticks. Lilia couldn't stand the noise, and Lilith was brought out, whirling and snapping, attacking the Twolegs. The Twolegs soon fled, but Lilia's dumpster was destroyed, and she set off to find a new home.

Appearance Edit

Lilia is a striped ginger she-cat with a white underbelly, a pink nose and golden eyes.

Personality Edit

Lilia is incredibly shy due to her secret. She doesn't get close to anyone, as she doesn't want to hurt them. Because of this, most cats think she is cold and unwelcoming, perhaps even conceited, but she rarely thinks of anyone but herself.


Mother: Frost (unknown whereabouts)

Father: Unknown

Littermate: Unnamed Tom (deceased)

Alternate Personality: Lilith


Lilith usually comes out when Lilia is cold, angry, or miserable.

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