This page is for Lilith. For her alternate personality, see Lilia.

Current Alliance Rogue
Past Alliance(s) None
Mother Frost (unknown whereabouts)
Father Unknown
Littermates Unnamed kit (deceased)
Mate None
Kit(s) None
Roleplayer Moonwing21

Life Edit

Lilith's personality was born from Lilia's despair, after long nights shivering, starving, under dumpsters. Lilith is a manifestation of Lilia's hatred and sadness. As such, Lilia lost any hatred she had when Lilith came, becoming completely innocent.

Lilith was usually the same strength as Lilia, in terms of mental strength, but she could not take over till Lilia felt fear, pain, sadness, or hatred. But if Lilith felt joy, hope, or any other positive emotion, she would return to being Lilia. It is for this reason that Lilith returns to being Lilia after she hurts a cat, as Lilith's joy is immense enough to cause the shift, no matter how cruel her joy is.

During their years in Twolegplace (not the city; a different one), Lilith often took over Lilia and hurt cats in the Twolegplace until there was no-one left but Lilia and Lilith.

Appearance Edit

Lilia is a striped ginger she-cat with a white underbelly, a pink nose and golden eyes. But when she turns into Lilith, her fur darkens into a darker ginger, and her eyes turn blue. For this reason, Lilith can blend in to shadows easily, and no-one can tell she's Lilia.

Personality Edit

Lilith is cold, hard, unforgiving, cruel, and a masochist. She loves hurting other cats for fun, and getting into fights, resulting in Lilia waking up with plenty of injuries.


Mother: Frost (unknown whereabouts)

Father: Unknown

Littermate: Unnamed Tom (deceased)

Alternate Personality: Lilia


Lilia and Lilith are based on a song Moony listened to, and she's planning on doing a songfic for them. So if you steal the song, Moony will unleash Lilith on all your cats! ;) ;) ;)

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