The Mares of Thrace are carnivorous, monstrous horses who prey on anything that moves.


The Mares of Thrace, also called the Mares of Diomedes, are a group of carnivorous horses.  They are all pure white with different red markings that are used to tell them apart.  Their pupils are always red as well with black scleras.  They have dished faces and a light build, but have slight feathering on their hooves.  They are generally 14-16 hands tall, about average for any regular hot blood horse breed.  Their lifespans are the same as a humans and elephants however.  To reproduce, a mare has to mate with a normal stallion. 

The leader of the mares is Photina.  Other important members are Sweety, the only foal in the herd, and Spina, her mother.


  • They are based off of the Mares of Thrace from Greek Mythology.
  • A mare can't generally by harmed by a cat due to sheer size disadvantage, but if a cat attacks a mare's legs the mare will shortly flee.
    • A regular horse fighting a mare would have a much better change than a cat would, however mares and regular horses almost never fight.
      • Mares have been known to target "Bachelor Bands" however, but merely just to scare the younger stallions.
    • A mare can quite easily be killed by a dragon, but the dragon will be harmed (sometimes severely) in the process.

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