This RP focuses around RPing creatures (excluding dragons) from mythology as well as from your own imagination.  They all live on a large, floating island where food and other resources are plentiful.  However, they cannot mix with other RPs due to not being able to pass the "Sky Barrier", which is a layer of clouds beneath the island in which they cannot pass. 

There are several major biomes on this island: Desert (Similar to the ones of California and Arizona), Mountains (like those of Colorado and the Rockies in general), Tundra/Arctic (like that of Russia), Grassland (like the Moors of England), Forest (like those in Montana), and Ocean (like the Great Barrier Reef in Australia).


  • Plato - a male creature covered in dark fur and wears a white mask. Roleplayer: Icy
  • Damion - a small wolf-like lizard creature with blue eyes. Rped by Dawn
  • Zeke - A male griffin with light brown colored fur and wings. Roleplayer: Night
  • Nia - Female Hippocampi. Roleplayer: Moss

==Roleplay Page==

Monsters and Other Creatures/Roleplay

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