MossClan are very peaceful cats that thrive in lush woodlands and live off of forest-prey.



  • Foreststar - Dark brown tabby tom with a white underbelly and paws and amber eyes. Rped by Moss<3


  • Silversplash - white she-cat with silver spots and amber eyes. Roleplayed by: Icy

Medicine Cat:Edit

  • Songflight- white she cat with blue eyes. Rped by: Icy

Medicine Cat Apprentice:Edit

  • Splashfang - pale gray she-cat with specks of silver and gray and long teeth. RPed by PG


  • Oceanheart - Black tom with stormy green eyes.  Rped by Mossu~
  • Solarsun- Golden and red tom. RPed by Night
  • Skystorm- pure white she-cat. RPed by:Night
  • Hawkflight- A brown tabby tom with long fur and fangs. Rped by- Dawn
  • Goldenfeather - Blonde-colored she-cat with gray eyes. Rped by: Mossssuuuu
  • Shadeshadow - Jet- black tom with glimmering amber eyes. Rped by Moss
  • Iceclaw - White and light grey tom with milky yellow eyes Roleplayer: Icy
  • Petalwish-A pale pink creamish she-cat with big green eyes. Rped by Dawn
  • Fallingfeather- Pale Grey she-cat with a twisted leg and a crooked jaw. Tater is the RPer of this cat.
  • Cornstalk-Yellow tom with a white tail tip and green eyes. RPed by:Tiger
  • Windsong - Intelligent golden yellow tom with golden brown stripes on back. Has vivid blue eyes. Older brother of Petalfang. Rped by Wotto3577.
  • Petalfang- Small, beautiful but fierce black she-cat with unusually long front teeth. Younger sister of Windsong. Rped by Wotto3577.
  • Reedwhisker- Greyish blue tom with long whiskers. Rped by Wotto3577
  • Skyfur- Sleek she-cat with a white pelt and blue eyes. Rped by Wotto3577
  • Bluefire- Powerful blue she-cat with white paws. Rped by Wotto3577
  • Blazefire - A big orange tom. Roleplayer: Night
  • Violetshadow - (Description goes here). RPed by Starr


  • Ripplepaw- black and silver tabby tom with amber eyes. Roleplayer: Tiger
  • Rosepaw-a wite she-cat with pinkish amber eyes. RPed by Dapple
  • Dovepaw - Silver she-cat with pretty blue eyes. Rped by Dawn
  • Tigerpaw-a brown tabby tom with a jet black underbelly. Roleplayed by:Night
  • Electricpaw- Gray tom with jagged golden stripes and yellow eyes. Roleplayer: Tiger
  • Stormpaw - gray tabby tom with two blue eyes. He is completely deaf. Roleplayer: Icy
  • Skypaw - A pretty cream colored she-cat. Roleplayer: Night
  • Honeypaw- Yellow and white tom with long fur. Roleplayed by Wotto3577
  •  Birchpaw a brown and red she-cat with blue eyes


  • Willowcloud- White she-cat with cream colored patches. Rped by Wotto3577.


Leafkit: Pale brown tabby she-kit with black streaks and amber eyes rped by LionJayDove (talk) 17:25, November 11, 2016 (UTC)


  • None

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