Short Poem by: ICY TheOneAndOnly 19:33, September 2, 2013 (UTC)

My World is EmptyEdit

My world is empty

There is no more fight left in me

And there is a hole where my heart should be

I surrender

Everything is gone

Everything is numb

My mate murdered before my eyes

My children died before they were even alive

Bones broken on the street

No one is safe

Lives thrown away

Even death is a better escape


He is the murderer

The puppeteer

My enemy

I am no longer numb

Oh no

I am boiling over with hate

And I will get my revenge

Joining forces

Childhood friends long lost

And former rivals still kicking

Anyone who had a heart

We are ready

We are strong

We will be free

And you will die

I tackle and pin him to the ground and slash at his face

"This is for my mate"

"This is for my children"

Though in the end am I the same as he?

The war is won

The gang is gone

There is still a hole in my heart

But at least everyone is now free

And I will never let it happen again....

The End

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