Oceanpaw is a blue she-cat with a very unique blue, gray, and white spot and stripe pattern.


Oceanpaw was found as an orphan drowning in a river in clan territory.  She was rescued by Raingaze, a CaveClan warrior.  Raingaze and her mate, Risingflower, raised Oceanpaw as their own.  Oceanpaw became the medicine cat apprentice due to a prophecie from StarClan.  When Oceanpaw was about eight moons old, her adoptive parents died.


Oceanpaw has a very short attention span and is often seen running around camp due to sheer boredom.  She rarely has to do anything as a medicine cat apprentice, and she thinks her mentor hates her and doesn't trust her.  She is often seen alongside warriors, such as Flashfire and Moonshine, who teach her how to hunt and fight because she has nothing else to do as a medicine cat apprentice.

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