Eternitythorn waited at the border, her heart pounding. Robingaze padded into the clearing, and opened his mouth to speak. She turned her head to look at him, and his mouth closed. The deep red sun disappeared in the distance.  

"Looking for herbs?" Eternitythorn asked, breaking the awkward silence. Robingaze nodded.

"Mm. I was short of marigold."

"Which one? Marigoldpaw or the herb?" growled Eternitythorn.

"You mean the silly she-cat that loves me?"

"So she-cats are silly if they love you?" 

"OK, what is wrong, Eternitythorn?" snapped Robingaze, "This isn't you."

"You wouldn't understand."

It all went quiet again. Robingaze frowned. This she-cat. This warrior, he'd known all his life. This she-cat was his best-friend, yet she seemed so hostile all of a sudden.

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