This character belongs to Moss
Current Alliance Rogues
Past Alliance(s) None
Mother Perseus's Mother
Father Unknown
Littermates Ainia (Deceased), Argus
Mate Tohru
Kit(s) Ainia (R), Marcus
Roleplayer Moss

Perseus is a rather tall, golden tabby tom with green colored eyes.


Before the RoleplayEdit



He makes his first appearance hanging out with Artemis. They can we seen together in times of danger. He travels to the farm and is curious about it's environment.
Perseus is seen rolling around on the concrete when Achilles trips over him. They spit at each other for a while before they hear a mysterious hissing noise. Achilles tells Perseus to close his eyes, and a strange she-cat named Medusa appears. Achilles instructs Perseus how to kill Medusa, and finally he is able to slay the she-cat.
Perseus is seen rummaging through trash, finding a rat corpse and digging into it. He meets Tohru, another rogue, and offers her part of the rat, because she was hungry. Perseus asks if she has a place to stay, to which she replies no. Perseus invites her to stay with him.
Later, Tohru tells Perseus that she likes him and they become mates. However, Tohru is kidnapped by Jackson, a shape-shifter. Perseus chases after Jackson and gets lost, but he appears with Tohru, transformed as a puma, and tries to kill him. Tohru drives Jackson off, but Perseus is almost dead. Icy tries to help him, but Tohru's fire slowly heals him.
Tohru reveals that she is pregnant. They are shown talking about the disappearance of prey, when Tohru goes into labor and gives birth to a son and a daughter. Perseus asks if he can name the she-kit Ainia, after his deceased sister.
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  • He is based off of Perseus from Greek Mythology, in a way, but they don't share much personality traits.
  • Perseus can control green fire, a trait that his father had. (His father was immortal, and Perseus inherited it from him.) This fire can destroy or heal, which depends on Perseus's choice.
    • Moss was bored when she created this idea.


Perseus Icon Animated Icon (made by Icy)




Tohru: Living


Ainia (R): Living


Marcus: Living


Perseus's Mother: Status Unknown


Ainia (Deceased): Deceased, Status Unknown


Argus: Deceased, Status Unknown


Coming Soon!

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