Petalfang is a small, sleek, beautiful black she-cat with long front teeth.

Current Clan MossClan
Past Clan(s) None
Names Kit- Petalkit

Apprentice- Petalpaw

Warrior- Petalfang

Mother Winterleaf
Father Blazetrail
Littermates Windsong
Mate Acornfrost
Kit(s) Honeypaw



Mentor(s) Oathheart
Apprentice(s) None
Roleplayer Wotto3577


Petalkit was born to Winterleaf and Blazetrail, both MossClan cats. She grew up best friends with Acornkit, another kit in the nursery. She, Windkit and Acornkit used to play together all the time. When the three became apprentices, Petalpaw got Oathheart as her mentor, just like her dad. She started to have feelings for Acornpaw. When she became a warrior Acornfrost asked if she would be his mate, and she said yes. Her mom shorly died later after eating a Peice of fresh-kill that had disease. Later, she had three kits, Honeypaw, Ivypaw and Frostpaw. She still is best friends with Windsong.


Petalfang is very fierce, feminist and brave. She is a very skilled fighter and is someone you do not want to annoy. She is sometimes short tempered but is very caring. She is creative and imaginative. She is very carful and thinks things through. Others may think that she is cold hearted, but that is far from the truth.

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