"I waited for you to come, Stormheart."
— Petalwish to Stormheart in MosClan camp
Current Clan MossClan
Past Clan(s) None
Names Petalkit, Petalpaw, Petalwish.
Mother Paleeyes
Father Shockwave
Littermates Oakkit-Brother, Pinekit-Brother
Mate Stormheart
Kit(s) Fernkit, Icykit, Palekit
Mentor(s) Adderfang
Apprentice(s) Burntpaw
Roleplayer Dawn, or rue

A Pale pink creamish she-cat with a pale white underbelly.  Big green eyes with a tint of gold around the sides. 


She was born to Paleeyes, and opened her eyes 4 days after her birth. Everyone expected her to have a gray pelt like her mothers, but instead she was born with a pale pink creamish pelt.  She fell in love with Stormkit but found out that Rainkit also loved him. She developed a hatred for Rainkit but let her become her friend and they even talked about Stormkit a little. Petalkit kept the hatred in the back of her mind and went on with life. Paleeyes one told her "Be wise and life and in return you will get anything your heart longs for." Petalkit savored those words. 

She came an Apprentice of Adderfang, a cruel and heartless tom that fell in love with Paleeyes but was rejected. Adderfang thought he could get revenge on Paleeyes by killing Petalpaw but Petalpaw didn't die. Adderfang had told her to go on a hunting assesment around the moors. What Petalpaw didn't know is that she was slowly being led into a trap. She got her leg caught in a fox trap and Adderfang stepped out of the bush to finish the job. But Dawn patrol was out and they saved Petalpaw in time. What they didn't see was Adderfang. Petalpaw had to stay in the medicine cats den and had to watch Rainpaw and Stormpaw grow closer.

She soon healed and was made a warrior. Petalwish. They exiled Adderfang after soon finding out about his doings. Stormheart and Petalwish grew closer and Petalwish confessed her love for him. He soon told Rainwater that he never had feelings for her, that he was only being friendlly. That tore Rainwater in half and made her go mad. She tried to kill   Petalwish multiple of times but failed and soon was exiled, sentenced to death. Stormheart and Petalwish became mates and had three kits. Only one died, Fernkit, she caught greencough and died a night in the medicine cats den. Petalwish's two other kits survived and are now apprentices of MossClan.


She is sweet, nice, kind-hearted, loving, funny she-cat with a strong temper for those who make fun of her.




Siblings-Oakkit and Pinekit

Aunt's on moms side- Rippletail, Dawnfur.

Aunt's on dads side- None

Uncle's on moms side- Twistedjaw

Uncle's on dads side-Brokenfall


  • Petalwish was a character in Dawns Fanfic that soon became real
  • Petalwish was almost killed by adderfang
  • Petailwish is dawns favorite Character to draw!

​Real life imageEdit


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