Rabbit is a brownish grayish tom cat with yellow eyes. He is a prey hunter. He also has four black stripes on the end of his tail. He is in The Tribe of Raging Fire.


Coming soon! (Once I think of it.)


Rabbit is a serious, alert, strick, bossy, rude tom cat who takes his rank seriously. He has never really found a true friend because when he was younger his father had told him that he must work hard to become a good rank, and so he did.


  • He is a Prey Hunter
  • Rabbit was forced to become a Prey Hunter by his father Fire.
  • He is very serious and also he is bipolar. 
  • He can't keep his mind straight, which keeps him from being a Cave-Guard.
  • When he was a To-Be he was trained extremlly hard by his mentor Falcon.
  • He is also bisexual, yet he keeps that to himself.


He also has small tabby spots.

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