Rain is a sliver/blue she-cat with blue eyes


Rain never talked to many people she liked to stay quiet. She lived as a rouge till she got green cough and saved by the clan. When she was little rains family was a mess, her mother was always yelling at her and her older brother, and her father was sneaking off to eat the food he found. The only one she could trust was her brother claw. He was a good cat with the right intentions but always getting in trouble. One day in leaf fall her father went missing gone instill they found him moons later with a black she-cat. Her mother didn't talk for a while after that. Her brother thought her how to hunt and to fight, but they were still to hungry. one day they were grooming there mother when she started screaming, yelling at them to get out of there, to leave. She was young and so confused and scared so she did the one thing she thought was right, she blamed her brother he got so mad they parted ways and never saw each other again.


Gets angry easy but is nice when you get to know her.  She is very loyal to the clan but doesn't trust to many people in it.

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