Red the rouge_
Current Alliance None
Past Alliance(s) Sunny
Mother Jayda/Dead
Father Unknown
Littermates Suspicions
Mate Formely Sunny
Kit(s) None
Roleplayer Dappleh
Red is a rougue Tom with a golden pelt and green eyes.


He likes to get under she-cats skins and is very play full and loves to talk To other cats and anger people he always gets in trouble. Dislikes fighting a lot but in a pinch can be very strong.


His mother died from a monster and his father left before he was born. He has no siblings that he knows about. He fell In love with a grey she-cat, and she loved him too. She was a kitty pet named Sunny who hated being a kitty pet. So he persuaded her to leave. They built a small house on the side of the Forrest. They lived together till right before winter came, she was attacked by a badger, and Red had not been prepared to fight. He tried to save her but ended up getting himself drenched in blood. Ever since then whenever he sees blood he has to keep him self from attacking the the person who did it, but to make sure he is prepared he trains everyday hoping to be more he lives under and abandoned corner shop.

Red the rouge


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