Figured I'd have a small breakdown of Loki and Cletus in the past ._. By that Rated PG person.


I saw only love


As I sat with my brother

Our parents

Our life was wonderful

Or so I thought


I saw nothing

As I stared into her eyes

Except disgust

He looked at me

As if I wasn't there

I hated my life

I thought they loved me


As I turned towards Cletus

I saw...

Was that hate?




I saw a questioning look

Did my brother really care?

Or is it

Just another mask?

We both blinked

I was seething

With hate

Or was it

A simple misunderstanding?


I returned

To find him

No, not a carefree kit

But a troubled cat

What was it

That he seeked?

Then he answered

Not in words

But in action



I wasn't just broken

I was shattered

I had enough!

I tear my claws

Through her pelt

Sink my fangs

Into his neck

And then I realized

I did this to myself


I ran

As far as I could

I was a coward

A failure

I couldn't

Do anything

"Yes, you could have"

A sneering voice called


"You could've helped me"

I spoke

With a helpless voice

I unsheathed

My claws

From my now

Flame infested paws

The burning fire

Of vengeance

Has just begun

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