Snake has a long black coat of fur and red eyes. (His eyes were green when he was Sparrow.)


Snake used to be a young, carefree tomcat named Sparrow who mated with a RoseClan she-cat and they had a single she-kit, Moon. He trained Moon to fight and hunt like a rogue, but she did not want to fight and so he taught her only how to hunt, while her mother taught her medicinal herbs. One day, the three of them went hunting, but Sparrow's mate was crushed by a twoleg monster. He was driven mad by grief, and his daughter fled. He heard a persuasive voice telling him to open his mind to it, and, weak as his heart was, he was possessed by an evil spirit. The spirit took over Sparrow, calling him Snake and changing his eyes from green to red in the process. The spirit made Snake chase Moon, and convinced him that it was Moon's fault Snake's mate had died, causing Snake to kill her. Snake roamed the streets, driven mad by his desire for revenge and the influence of the spirit. When one day he saw Moon had returned, he hunted her down and attempted to kill her, once and for all, but when the time came, he was defeated by two toms, and ran away. He now watches Moon carefully, waiting for the right time to kill the one she calls her mate and to make her feel the pain he has felt for so long...


Snake recieved dark, evil powers when the spirit possessed him, allowing him to turn into a shadow at will or jump incredibly high.

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