Solarsun is a golden and red cat of Mossclan. He has bright yellow eyes. 

Current Clan MossClan
Past Clan(s) None
Names Kit: Solarkit

Apprentice: Solarpaw

Warrior: Solarsun

Mother unknown
Father unknown
Littermates none
Mate none
Kit(s) none
Mentor(s) unknown
Apprentice(s) none
Roleplayer Night


Solarsun loves hunting and fighting. He loves to train apprentices and help the medicine cat with gathering herbs. Solarsun is often seen padding around camp and helping with patrols and hunting patrols. He doesn't talk much but he loves to hang out with cats that he is close to. Solarsun is not seen when the dog attacked Flashfire and Lightningshadow but he was on a hunting patrol when it happened. Later a few foxes invade camp and he fights them off with other warriors and a few apprentices.


Very quiet but strong and he likes to be helpful to the clan.

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