StarClan is where all good cats go when they die.


Former Leaders:Edit

  • Wolfstar - a mottled brown tom with green eyes. (FogClan) Roleplayed by PG
  • Thornstar - a dark brown tabby with white paws. Her eyes are sea-green. She has a very long white tipped tail and a slight pink nose. (RoseClan) Rper:Tiger

Former Deputies:Edit

  • None

Former Medicine Cats:Edit

  • None

Former Medicine Cat Apprentices:Edit

  • None

Former Warriors:Edit

  • Icestripe - a gray and white she-cat with red eyes.  She has jagged dark gray stripes running down her tail.  (CaveClan) Roleplayer: Icy
  • Quailheart - a gray she-cat with light blue eyes and a few tortieshell patches on her legs and tail. (FogClan) Roleplayed by PG
  • Falconflight - brown tabby tom with amber eyes. (FogClan} Roleplayed by PG
  • Pinetail - a dark brown tabby she-cat with green eyes, a black tail-tip, chest, and ear tips. (FogClan) Roleplayed by Dawn
  • Winterleaf- Beautiful pure white she-cat. (MossClan) Roleplayed by Wotto3577.
  • Mossflower- A beautiful tortoiseshell she-cat. (MossClan). Roleplayed by Wotto3577.
  • Iceblizzard - A dark blue she-cat with icy blue eyes. (CaveClan ) Roleplayer: Night
  • Leafflight - Dark grey she-cat with amber eyes.(RoseClan)RPed by winx.
  • blackear - Tabby Tom with Purple eyes.(MossClan)RPed by winx
  • Larkwing - Black she-cat with Green eyes.(FogClan)RPed by winx

Former Apprentices:Edit

  • None

Former Queens:Edit

  • None

Former Kits:Edit

  • None

Former EldersEdit

  • None

Roleplay Page:Edit


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