This character belongs to Tater

Stormy is a sleek silver she-cat with pale green eyes and scars around her neck and back. She is small and slender.


Current Alliance None
Past Alliance(s) Saul
Mother Dead
Father Unknown
Littermates None
Mate None
Kit(s) None
Roleplayer Tater
Stormy is a very shy cat, rarely talks unless if in a situation where she has to. She is a very mysterious cat, and hates it when other cats ask her questions.

She is a good hunter and scavenger, but never fights except for when there's no place to run. She stays away from other rogues as much as possible.


When Stormy was a kit, her mother was killed by a band of rogues. Two moons later, her father, crazed with grief, tried to attack her and kill her. She was able to escape, but was badly wounded and bleeding to death when a rogue, named Cream found her.

Cream had given birth to three kits, but two of them had soon after been killed by the same band of rogues that had killed Stormy's mother.

Cream took care of Stormy along with Creams surviving son, Saul. Stormy soon healed and became playful as any other kit. She and Saul became inseparable, best friends.

When Stormy was 7 moons old, Cream taught her and Saul how to hunt and fight. Stormy had not cared at the time, thinking that she would stay with Cream forever.

Soon after that, Cream caught Greencough. For 2 moons Stormy and Saul took care of her, but Cream died anyway. For the next 6 moons Stormy and Saul lived together and helped each other survive. Stormy and Saul got separated in a storm, and Stormy still is looking for him, but after 3 moons, she assumed that he was dead.

She now lives in a old cardboard refrigerator box in a solitary alley, away from other cats.


  • She is Taters main OC
    • She is a character of Taters on many other roleplaying wikis
      • Usually she is a Clan cat named Stormfeather, and once, Stormbird
        • Tater plans on making a cat named Stormfeather soon.


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