SueToxin Symbol

This is a page where we remove Sue-toxin (posts involving an extreme Mary Sue) from RP pages.  Mary Sues have become a major problem on this wiki, so it's time we take action.


  • All Mary Sues will be labeled "Sue-Toxin" in the category to warn other users.
    • This is only for extreme sues who cause problems.  If you're worried that your character is a Mary Sue, don't.
    • Only admins can administrate this category.
  • All Sue-toxin posts will be moved here.
  • Icewish coined the term "Sue-Toxin", it is copyrighted by her >:3  (Not really, but started it!)
  • Sue-Rehab is for characters who need to have flaws added for them.
    • Admins can add anyone's character to the list (within reason).
    • You may add your own character to the list.
    • You will be counseled by other users to make your character better.
    • Even if your character is not a Sue, but you would like to improve it, please add it to the list.
      • Add it to the correct caregory (most likely Non-Sue)
  • Admins: when cleaning a page, be sure to contact Icy before hand.
    • Put it under the clan's Sue-Toxin Archive, if the clan has none, please make one.
    • Always title the Sue-toxin posts something funny (if in a group) :3
    • If a post is alone by itself, feel free to just remove it.
      • Also remove plain stupid posts.

The Waste Dump StatusEdit







(These characters need a lot of work)


(These characters need some work)


(These characters need little to no work, but are here to become a better character by their owner's request)

  • Orpheus (Almost Complete)
  • Achilles (Almost Complete)
  • Paris (Almost Complete)

Anti-Sue HelpEdit

List of Character Flaws:

Mary Sue Test:

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