Sunclaw is a yellow-orange tomcat with gold paws and jade green eyes.

In death, Sunclaw is permanently trapped in his snake-demon form.  In this form, his neck is elongated, his eyes are slits, and his hind legs have been replaced with a serpent-like tail.


Sunclaw was a warrior of CaveClan.  He was often called the strongest cat in the clan during his time, but was also mean, cruel, and arrogant.  He became mates with Dappleleaf, who bore him one son and one daughter, Firestorm and Echowhisper.  After the kits were born, Dappleleaf left Sunclaw and gave the kits to another queen to be cared for.  Sunclaw expected a lot from his children, especially Firestorm, so he would secretly train them at an early age. 

He was also the mentor to Lightningshadow, who challenged Sunclaw to a fight and overwhelmingly beat him. 

When his kits became apprentices, a border patrol found him dead in a pool of blood.

He now resides in the Dark Forest.


Sunclaw is arrogant and cruel.  He thinks that all other's are beneath him, and treats them poorly.  After he lost to his own apprentice, though, he lost much of his self-confidence.  As a Dark Forest cat, he feels there is no purpose in fighting anymore.  

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