An info page for The Farm roleplay.


The Farm was established a very long time ago in Colorado, United States of America.  It is located in a valley-like area around the Rocky Mountains.  The couple who own the farm are now very old, but their grandchildren and great-grandchildren visit occasionally.

The official name for The Farm is "Rocky Mountain Ranch (RMR)", but it is simply just refereed to as the farm.

Current InfoEdit

All sorts of animals can live in the farm.  Example of these animals include: Horses, cows, goats, pigs, hens and rosters, cats, dogs, sheep, and many others.  All animals in the farm are domesticated, so no wild animal can be seen.  The animals in the farm have learned to become independent and take care of the farm themselves instead of the humans.  Just like clan cats, farm animals have a basic (sometimes even greater) understanding of medicine, construction/repair, and many other useful skills.

To create an animal in this group, it is preferred that you use the technical terms for coat color, breed, etc., since these animals are not feral, but entirely domestic. 

Interaction with Foreign RP CharcatersEdit

Farm animals never leave the farm, however, rogues and kittypets (mostly rogues) are often seen at the farm.  Clan cats live too far away, and almost never visit the farm. 

RP Info for UsersEdit

(This RP is not like any other RP on the wiki, so please read this section)

  • The category for all farm animals is "Farm Animals"
    • No gender category is added to the page, and must be clearly stated in the animal's description.
  • Use proper terms for breed, coat color, etc.
  • Most animals (especially horses and dogs) will have show names.  You can choose for your character to have this or not.
  • All farm animals must be domesticated.
  • The RPers for the humans in the farm will be chosen shortly.
    • They will be RPed by a group of highly trusted users.
    • They will rarely be seen in the RP.
  • This RP is amied more for comedy than drama.

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